Renewable Energy : A Path Forward for Park City
Title:Renewable Energy : A Path Forward for Park City
Publisher:Park City (Utah); Utah State University. Energy Dynamics Laboratory; University of Utah Jon M. Huntsman School of Business
Agency:Park City (Utah); Space Dynamics Laboratory; USU Huntsman School of Business; Utah State University
Date Published:2010
Pages:56 p.
Description:The Energy Dynamics Lab (EDL) and the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business (HSB) of Utah State University have combined resources to produce this feasibility study for Park City which looks at several areas of interest in renewable and sustainable energy projects. The study provides an overarching analysis of several projects to be considered by the Park City Mayor, the City Council, and city resident’s to aid them in their efforts to reduce the city’s carbon footprint and secure various forms of sustainable and renewable energy. This study is intended to help Park City make informed decisions in becoming a model for municipalities in Utah and across the west that face similar challenges and goals. Five primary research projects and one special project were considered for the purposes of this study: 1) Micro hydro, 2) Microwind, 3) Solar, 4) Biomass and biodigestion, and 5) Natural gas bus transition. A special project discussion is included on the potential of using a high-end retail establishment in Park City to demonstrate and test the most advanced intuitive lighting system in the world. This report provides a top-level analysis of each project area. The information is intended to help Park City hone in on its strategy for creating a portfolio of sustainable energy activities that will ultimately help Park City reduce its carbon footprint in an economically feasible fashion. The report is intended to help both the municipality and its residents identify areas in the renewable and sustainable energy sectors that warrant implementation or further study.
Type (DCMI):Text
Type (Utah):Report; Plan
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Topic:Government; Natural resources
Subject (LCSH):Local government; Local government--Planning; Municipal government; Municipal government--Planning; Renewable energy sources; Power resources; Water-power; Wind power; Solar energy; Biomass energy; Refuse as fuel; Waste products as fuel; Natural gas buses; Natural gas vehicles
Place:Park City, Summit County, Utah, United States,, 40.64606, -111.49797
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