Salt Lake City Riparian Corridor Study : Final Red Butte Creek Management Plan
Title:Salt Lake City Riparian Corridor Study : Final Red Butte Creek Management Plan
Contributor:Bio-West, Inc.
Publisher:Salt Lake City (Utah). Department of Public Utilities
Agency:Salt Lake City Public Utilities
Date Published:2010
Pages:153 p.
Description:Salt Lake City’s urban creeks and their associated riparian corridors are unique and important natural resources. To recognize the importance of these resources, Salt Lake City passed a Riparian Corridor Overlay Zone ordinance in 2008. In conjunction with passage of the ordinance, the City Council authorized the Salt Lake City Department of Public Utilities (DPU) to conduct stream corridor studies to assess baseline conditions on the above-ground portions of City, Emigration, Parleys, and Red Butte Creeks within Salt Lake City’s municipal boundaries. This Red Butte Creek Riparian Corridor Study Management Plan document introduces the study and describes the importance of riparian functions (Chapter 1), presents the methods (Chapter 2 and Appendix A) and results (Chapter 3) of baseline assessment of stream and vegetation conditions, describes various recommended techniques to improve riparian conditions (Chapter 4 and Appendix B), presents the vision for the desired future condition of the corridor as determined from public and stakeholder input (Chapter 5), provides maps and recommendations for specific stream reaches within the Red Butte Creek riparian corridor (Appendix C), and includes approximate cost estimates for recommended projects (Appendix D).
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Type (Utah):Report
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Topic:Government; Housing and community development; Environmental protection
Subject (LCSH):Riparian ecology; Riparian areas; Riparian areas--Managment; Riparian ecology--Research; Riparian areas--Research; Rivers; Streamflow
Place:Utah, United States,, 39.25024, -111.75103
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