Utah Senate journal : 1930 special session (18th Legislature, January 27, 1930 to February 25, 1930)
Title:Utah Senate journal : 1930 special session (18th Legislature, January 27, 1930 to February 25, 1930)
Alternative Title:State of Utah Senate journal : 1930 special session of the eighteenth Legislature, January 27, 1930 to February 25, 1930
Contributor:Utah. Legislature. Senate
Publisher:Utah. Legislature
Agency:Legislature; Utah Senate; Legislative Fiscal Analyst; Legislative Printing
Date Published:1930
Pages:283 p.
Description:The Utah Senate Journal is an official publication maintained by the Utah State Senate, providing the record of each day's proceedings and including floor actions and votes.
Type (DCMI):Text
Type (Utah):Law; Legislative journal
Internet Media Type:application/pdf
Topic:Laws and regulations
Subject (LCSH):Legislative bodies--Publication of proceedings; Legislative bodies--Upper chambers; Legislative bodies--Voting; Legislative journals--U.S. states; Politics and government--Periodicals
Audience:Legal community; Local governments; Researchers
Place:Utah, United States, http://sws.geonames.org/5549030/, 39.25024, -111.75103
Rights:The Utah State Library Division considers state publications made available by state agencies and political subdivisions as required by Utah Code Ann. § 9-7-201 to 9-7-209 to be in the public domain under U.S. copyright law (17 U.S.C.). All informational materials in this government publication are in the public domain, and as such, are not restricted by copyright law unless otherwise stated.
Collection:Utah State Publications; Utah Law Publications; Legislative Publications
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