"Industry" and the beehive sculpture in front of the Utah State Capitol : front view
Title:"Industry" and the beehive sculpture in front of the Utah State Capitol : front view
Creator:Card, Darci
Publisher:Utah. State Library Division
Agency:State Library; Heritage and Arts
Date Published:2009
Pages:1 p.
Description:Photograph of the Beehive sculpture with the word "Industry" inscribed in front of the Utah State Capitol, Salt Lake City, Utah. The beehive is the Utah State Emblem and "Industry" is the Utah State Motto. Utahns relate the beehive symbol to industry and the pioneer virtues of thrift and perseverance. The early pioneers had few material resources at their disposal and therefore had to rely on their own "industry" to survive. The beehive and the word "industry" appears on both the State Seal and the State Flag.
Type (DCMI):Image; StillImage
Type (Utah):Photograph
Internet Media Type:image/jpeg
Topic:History and culture
Subject (LCSH):Emblems, State; Mottoes--U.S. states; Beehives--Decoration; Bees in art; Photographs; Sculpture; Capitols; Capitols--U.S. states; Capitols--Buildings; Signs and symbols; Mottoes
Place:Utah State Capitol, Salt Lake County, Utah, United States, http://sws.geonames.org/5772440/, 40.77735, -111.88812
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Collection:Utah State Publications; Utah State Symbols
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