Conservation strategy for Gila monsters (Heloderma suspectum cinctum) in southwestern Utah
Title:Conservation strategy for Gila monsters (Heloderma suspectum cinctum) in southwestern Utah
Alternative Title:UDWR Publication Number 07-06
Creator:McLuckie, Ann; Beck, Dan; Miller, Peggy; Fridell, Rick; Boeke, Elise
Contributor:Utah. Division of Wildlife Resources
Publisher:Utah. Division of Wildlife Resources
Agency:Native Aquatic Species; Wildlife Resources; Natural Resources
Date Published:2007
Pages:29 p.
Description:The purpose of the Gila Monster Conservation Strategy is to synthesize current data and develop strategies to ensure the continued existence of Gila monster populations in southwestern Utah. Life history traits of Gila monsters (low population densities, specialized diets, and large home ranges) make them particularly vulnerable to population declines due to habitat loss, degradation, fragmentation, direct human-caused mortality, predation, and illegal collection and commercial trade. The Conservation Strategy is based on the following goals: 1) Identify current distribution, status and long-term trends of Gila monsters to determine if conservation measures are effective in protecting populations, 2) Identify, maintain, protect, and enhance important habitat to protect and conserve Gila monsters in southwestern Utah, 3) Reduce threats to Gila monsters and their habitat, 4) Develop and implement a translocation program to increase survival of displaced animals as well as minimize impacts on existing Gila monster populations, and 5) Increase public awareness and support for the recovery of the Gila monster in southwestern Utah through the use of educational opportunities and materials. To expedite implementation of conservation measures for the Gila monster in southwestern Utah, specific objectives and tasks are identified with each goal as well as a means of implementation. By implementing the identified tasks, Gila monster populations can be protected and recovery efforts minimized.
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Type (Utah):Report
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Topic:Natural resources
Subject (LCSH):Gila monster; Rare reptiles; Lizard populations; Reptile populations; Wildlife monitoring; Reptiles--Habitat; Wildlife management; Wildlife conservation; Desert animals; Lizards; Endangered species; Endangered species--Conservation and restoration; Endangered species--Habitat; Endangered species--Protection; Rare animals
Place:Utah, United States,, 39.25024, -111.75103
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Collection:Utah State Publications; Threatened and Endangered Species
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