Beehive history 25
Title:Beehive history 25
Contributor:Evans, Max J.; Layton, Stanford J.; Rogers, Kristen S.
Publisher:Utah State Historical Society
Agency:Utah State Historical Society; State History; Heritage and Arts
Date Published:1999
Pages:40 p.
Description:Beehive History 25 contents: The Family Endures: A Look at Utah History, by Philip F. Notarianni; "Mrs. T Is Very Sad": notes from the 1924 Castle Dale mine explosion; Growing up Dine: a Navajo oral history; From Dust to Dust: A Russian Sojourn, by Sarah Yates; The Making of Latino Families in Utah, by Armando Solorzano; "Little Bubbles" a Chinese American oral history; Utah in the '40s: An African-American Perspective, by France A. DavisA Saga of Sugar: The Startup Family, by Dora D. FlackTopaz: An Account of Japanese American Internment, by Yoshiko Uchida; Glimpses of Utah Jewish Life, by Eileen Hallet Stone; Keeping up Relations: A Tongan Wedding, by Hal Cannon; Of White Carpet, Reality, and Survival, by Kristen Rogers.
Type (DCMI):Text
Type (Utah):Newsletter/magazine
Internet Media Type:application/pdf
Topic:History and culture
Subject (LCSH):History--Periodicals
Place:Utah, United States,, 39.25024, -111.75103
Rights:Copyright © 1999 Utah State Historical Society; Digital image Copyright © 2009, Utah State Historical Society. All Rights Reserved. Permission is granted by the copyright holder to access and download the materials for personal, educational, or non-commercial use only,
Collection:Utah State History Publications; Utah State Publications
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