A performance audit of the Working 4 Utah Initiative
Title:A performance audit of the Working 4 Utah Initiative
Alternative Title:Report to Utah Legislature Number 2010-10
Creator:Osterstock, Tim; Behunin, James; Lehman, August
Contributor:Utah. Legislature. Office of the Legislative Auditor General; Utah. Department of Human Resource Management; Utah. Governor's Office of Planning and Budget; Utah. Legislature; Schaff, John M.
Publisher:Utah. Legislature. Office of the Legislative Auditor General
Agency:Legislature; Legislative Auditor General; Human Resource Management; Management and Budget; Governor's Office
Date Published:2010
Pages:103 p.
Description:The Working 4 Utah 4-10 work schedule has been implemented for 13,000 of the state's 17,000 full-time employees. The Legislative Auditor General found that it is difficult to link the effect of the new schedule with changes in worker productivity and most state agencies need better performance measures to monitor the productivity of their employees. Few metrics have been identified in the audit that adequately reflect productivity at the worker level. The lack of adequate performance measures made it difficult to identify the effect of the four-day work week on employee productivity. However, anecdotal evidence suggests that some functions in state government perform better under the new schedule while other functions appear to be ill-suited to a four-day work week. Furthermore, it has been reported that the initiative cut the cost of government by many millions of dollars. These claims were found to be overstated. Finally, several questionable personnel policies and practices were examined. The growing acceptance of these policies could lead to a reduction in employee productivity. One concern found is where agency hours do not align well well with their main client group. Such is the case where the main client might be businesses, contractors, the courts, and education that are ona five-day work week schedule. There are some divisions within the Departments of Agriculture and Community and Culture indicate where the 4-10 work schedule might not be a good fit.
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Type (Utah):Report; Audit
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Topic:Government; Jobs, employment, and occupations
Subject (LCSH):Four-day week; Administrative agencies; Administrative agencies--Auditing; Administrative agencies--Evaluation; State governments--Auditing; Hours of labor; Hours of labor--Government policy; State governments--Officials and employees; State governments--Labor productivity; Public administration; Public administration--Evaluation; Public administration--Auditing; Legislative auditing
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