Report of Utah State Task Force on Ritual Abuse
Title:Report of Utah State Task Force on Ritual Abuse
Creator:Mattis, Noemi P.; Clyde, Aileen H.
Contributor:Utah Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice; Utah. Attorney General's Office
Publisher:Utah. Governor's Commission for Women and Families
Agency:Ritual Abuse Task Force; Women and Families; Ritual Abuse Crime Unit; Criminal and Juvenile Justice; Utah Attorney General
Date Published:1992
Pages:13 p.
Description:A Governor’s Task Force on Ritual Abuse was created in March 1990 out of concerns raised by the Governor’s Commission on Women and Family and the state Child Sexual Abuse Task Force. Since that committee had been operating for some time and was well into its work, members agreed that a separate group should be formed to study the issue. The purpose of the commission was to gather and analyze information about ritual abuse in Utah, sponsor responsible public educations, assist in the education of professionals, and suggest needed programs to public and private agencies. In this report the task force concluded that ritual abuse was occurring in Utah as a significant problem and recommended that the legislature appropriate $250,000 to the Attorney General’s office to hire four investigators for a year.
Type (DCMI):Text
Type (Utah):Report
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Topic:Public safety and corrections; Human services and social programs
Subject (LCSH):Child abuse; Child sexual abuse--Investigation; Child sexual abuse--Religious aspects; Sexually abused children; Child sexual abuse; Kidnapping; Occult crime; Satanism--Rituals; Child abuse--Prevention; Criminal statistics; Ritual abuse; Ritual abuse victims
Place:Utah, United States,, 39.25024, -111.75103
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