Developing and Implementing a 100% Renewable Electricity Resolution : A Research-Based Framework
Title:Developing and Implementing a 100% Renewable Electricity Resolution : A Research-Based Framework
Alternative Title:HG/2004-05pr
Creator:Skill, Emily; McCann, Roslynn Brain; Klain, Sarah
Publisher:Utah State University. Department of Environment and Society
Agency:USU Environment and Society; USU Natural Resources; Utah State University
Date Published:2020
Pages:16 p.
Description:While it may seem that the efforts of local governments have only a marginal impact on the global issue of climate change, local action can spread to generate large-scale change. Local action can inspire other communities to adopt policies, creating the potential to expand and form regional action on climate change. Furthermore, local policies can influence state and federal policies. This guide will walk you through a five-step framework that was developed from the results of a qualitative research study that explored how three Utah cities, Salt Lake City, Park City, and Moab, successfully adopted 100% renewable electricity resolutions.
Type (DCMI):Text
Type (Utah):Report
Internet Media Type:application/pdf
Topic:Natural resources; Energy and utilities
Subject (LCSH):Geothermal resources; Renewable energy sources; Electricity; Power resources; Solar energy; Electric utilities; Climatic changes; Water-power; Wind power; Renewable energy sources--Research
Place:Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah, United States,, 40.76078, -111.89105; Moab, Grand County, Utah, United States,, 38.57332, -109.54984; Park City, Summit County, Utah, United States,, 40.64606, -111.49797
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