Mineral report : mineral potential report for the Monticello planning area
Title:Mineral report : mineral potential report for the Monticello planning area
Alternative Title:Reasonably foreseeable development scenario : mineral potential report
Creator:Vanden Berg, Michael D.
Contributor:United States. Bureau of Land Management. Monticello Field Office
Publisher:United States. Bureau of Land Management. Monticello Field Office
Agency:U.S. BLM Monticello; U.S. BLM Utah State; U.S. Bureau of Land Management; U.S. Department of the Interior
Date Published:2005
Pages:92 p.
Description:This report assesses the mineral resource occurrence and development potential for the Monticello Planning Area (MtPA). The mineral resource potential is classified using the system outlined in Bureau of Land Management Manual 3031. The potential for development of each mineral resource in the MtPA is projected for the 15-year life of the Resource Management Plan (RMP) and is rated as high, moderate, or low.
Type (DCMI):Text
Type (Utah):Report
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Topic:Natural resources; Energy and utilities
Subject (LCSH):Public lands; Mines and mineral resources; Oil and gas leases; Natural gas; Gas industry; Oil wells; Oil well drilling; Gas wells; Gas well drilling; Energy development
Place:San Juan County, Utah, United States, http://sws.geonames.org/5546337/, 37.62601, -109.80457
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