Utah annotated code 1943, volume 2 [1943]
Title:Utah annotated code 1943, volume 2 [1943]
Alternative Title:The compiled laws of the State of Utah passed by the Utah State Legislature (1943); Utah code annotated, 1943; Compiled laws of Utah 1943; Revised statutes, 1943; Compilation of the laws of Utah 1943
Contributor:Utah. Legislature. Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel; Utah. Lieutenant Governor; E. E. Monson, Secretary of State
Publisher:Callaghan and Company; Utah. Legislature
Agency:Legislative Printing; Legislative Research; Legislature
Date Published:1943
Pages:847 p.
Description:In these volumes, known under various names, the laws passed at the annual sessions of the legislature are recorded, repealed laws are deleted, and the current laws grouped systematically by topic. Most have annotations which provide additional information on the law in question. This information may include legislative histories, references to secondary sources, notes to decisions of the Utah appellate courts, and other explanatory material. Copies of both the state and federal constitutions are also recorded in the Revised Statutes of 1898 and in The Utah Code Annotated. Other federal laws as they pertain to Utah territory are also frequently included at the beginning of volumes issued prior to 1898. The digitized versions of the publications presented in this collection have been selected, in most cases, from the Utah Code Annotated (Series 83238) held by the Utah State Archives. However, when unavailable or illegible, alternative digital copies were secured through the Google Books Library Project, digitized from the holdings of Stanford University’s Robert Crown Law Library, the Harvard Law School Library, U.C. Davis’ Mabie Law Library and the New York Public Library.
Type (DCMI):Text
Type (Utah):Statute
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Topic:Laws and regulations
Subject (LCSH):Law; Politics and government; Legislation; State governments--Law and legislation; Government publications--Law and legislation--U.S. states; Session laws; Session laws--U.S. states
Audience:Legal community; Researchers
Place:Utah, United States, http://sws.geonames.org/5549030/, 39.25024, -111.75103
Rights:The Utah State Library Division considers state publications made available by state agencies and political subdivisions as required by Utah Code Ann. § 9-7-201 to 9-7-209 to be in the public domain under U.S. copyright law (17 U.S.C.). All informational materials in this government publication are in the public domain, and as such, are not restricted by copyright law unless otherwise stated.
Collection:Utah State Publications; Utah Law Publications; Legislative Publications; Most Popular Publications of 2015
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