Utah marriage and divorce : 1977 annual report
Title:Utah marriage and divorce : 1977 annual report
Alternative Title:Utah's vital statistics : marriages and divorces
Contributor:Utah. Bureau of Health Statistics
Publisher:Utah. Bureau of Health Statistics
Agency:Vital Records; Center for Health Data; Utah Health
Date Published:1980
Pages:111 p.
Description:The Bureau of Health Statistics of the Department of Health for the State of Utah presents the 1977 report of marriages and divorces occurring within the State of Utah. This report contains a descriptive narrative section with an introduction and separate chapters on marriage and divorce which include some basic analyses. Following the narrative section are the reference tables for marriage and divorce. The reference tables are followed by a technical appendix which provides background information on sources of the data, their limitations and material for use in interpretation of the data.
Type (DCMI):Text
Type (Utah):Report; Statistics
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Subject (LCSH):Vital statistics; Marriage--Statistics; Divorce--Statistics
Subject (MeSH):Vital Statistics; Marriage; Divorce
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Collection:Utah State Publications; Utah Public Health Library
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